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At John Fazio Farms you can see an entire flock of ducks frolicking in a pond. These ducks live as they were meant to: sunning on rocks, relaxing in puddles and eating whatever it is their instincts tell them to eat. This lifestyle produces an unusually flavorful bird with a meat to bone ratio that makes them rich but never greasy.

Our ducks are raised with all natural pellets for food made with all natural corn, grains, and hay that contain absolutely no antibiotics or hormones. The ducks are kept in large spacious pens during the winter, and waddle outside in the summer near a pond. We produce the maximum number of ducks the law will allow, 20,000. If you would like to see more on our duck operation watch our video that is on the PRESS page.

We also have duck eggs for sale. Duck eggs are creamier and have more nutrients and vitamins than chicken eggs. They have a slightly thicker shell and longer shelf life. Because the composition of duck eggs differs so much from chicken eggs, many people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs. Duck eggs can be used just like chicken eggs. Because of the higher protein levels, they give more lift to baked goods and they are especially good in recipes where the yolk is important.