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All of our rabbits are handled humanely and housed in a clean, comfortable environment where they are interacted with daily. We are passionate about quality and it shows in our rabbit meat. This meat is a healthier white meat due to a lower cholesterol and fat content.


All ducks are antibiotic-free. They eat pellets without antibiotics that are all natural. No chemicals in processing.
7-week life-cycle. They have room to roam. Kept in large pens indoors in the winter, let to roam outdoors in the summer.

Cornish Cross

The cornish cross is a cross between a cornish hen and a chicken. The breast size of the cornish cross makes it the ideal choice for individual cuts and it tastes great.

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are creamier and have more nutrients and vitamins than chicken eggs. They have a slightly thicker shell and longer shelf life. Because the composition of duck eggs differs so much from chicken eggs, many people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs.